The Stop Sign

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The first episode of season 1 and the first episode of the series overall.


J introduces herself and walks us through the awkwardness of the stop-sign.

Extended Overview

We are introduced to J as she's singing to a song on the radio in her car. As she's riding along, she is called on from another car by A, a coworker she drunkenly hooked up with at her job's Christmas car. J and A keep meeting each other at stop signs, where A tries to ask J out on a date. J manages to avoid A without hurting his feelings, and begins to talk more about herself. It is revealed that someone once told J that being awkward and black were the two worst things anyone could be. However, she agreed with this statement. She explains that 3 months ago, she shaved her head after her boyfriend, D, broke up with her, to symbolize a fresh start. However, 2 days later, D dumped J again because he was uncomfortable with her new hairstyle. J explains that she writes violet rap lyrics to help her cope with stress and helps her get through her job, her relationships, and her life. She tells the audience she knows that it's weird, but she's awkward, so she doesn't care.


  • The song playing in the car "Booty Shawts", is a song Issa Rae and Kiki Harris perform under a group known as the "Doublemint Twins". Issa Rae plays the main character J, and Kiki Harris plays the character Patty.
  • J says that she's been writing rap lyrics since the 6th grade
  • The Awkward Moment: Repeatedly running into A at the Stop Sign
  • First Appearances of: J, A, and D

Memorable Quotes

  • "The Stop Sign, to any ordinary person it's a simple sign of direction, but for me it's the epitome of social mis-direction." - J
  • "Let me introduce myself. My name is J, and i'm awkward...and black. Someone once told me that those were the two worst things anyone could be...that someone was right." - J
  • (To Jay) "I feel gay, no homo, but I can't do this no more." - D

J's Featured Rap

"Bitch nigga you's a liar,I'll set your face on fire, I don't give a fuck! Stupid bitch nigga, I hope you drown. That'll turn my frown upside down! I'm a bad bitch, you're a pussy nigga..."

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