Issa Rae is the creator, and star of Awkward Black Girl. She is also an actress, writer, and diector. She plays the main character "J".
Issa Rae was inspired to create The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl in January 2009 while working at New Federal Theatre New Federal Theatre. New Federal Theatre. Retrieved on November 5, 2011. in New York City. Giancana, Norell. Meet Awkward Black Girl's Issa Rae. Retrieved on November 5, 2011. Experiencing difficulty in meeting people in an unfamiliar place, Issa Rae decided that it would be entertaining to depict uncomfortable scenarios one may experience when dealing with others.? Neglecting the idea for 2 years, Issa Rae's interest was renewed after reading an article by Leslie Pitterson Pitterson, Leslie (April 19, 2010). Where's the black version of Liz Lemon?. pointing out the absence of black female nerd characters on screen.? She then called on friends to shoot the first episode.Anderson, Stacey. Diverse Web series grows through social media. Yahoo News. Associated Press. Retrieved on November 5, 2011. The series went viral through word of mouth, blog posts and social media, which resulted in further media coverage. Andrews, Helena. Embracing the Awkward, One Webisode at a Time. The Root (magazine). Retrieved on November 5, 2011. In an effort to fund the rest of the season, Issa Rae and producer Tracy Oliver Tracy Oliver. Yahoo. Retrieved on November 5, 2011. decided to raise money for the series through Kickstarter. Template:Cite news On August 11, 2011 they were awarded $56,269 from 1,960 donations. Kickstarter - The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. Kickstarter. Retrieved on November 5, 2011. Due to the popularity of the series, Issa Rae has been interviewed by Fredricka Whitfield for CNN Newsroom, Michel Martin for Tell Me More, Associated Press and other media outlets.Template:Cite news 'Awkward Black Girl' Garners Laughs. NPR. Retrieved on November 5, 2011.


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